Our challenges and mission

Hydrogen is the energy carrier of the 21st century.
In combination with renewable primary energies, it provides a basis for the energy economy of the future. The German Hydrogen and Fuel-Cell Association (DWV) is the umbrella organisation in Germany for all concerned with the general application of hydrogen as an energy carrier. We also advocate that hydrogen be produced from renewable energies – for a sustainable energy economy.

Active engagement in politics, business and public awareness

Together our member firms employ more than 1.5 million people in Germany; the association therefore represents a considerable section of the German economy. These companies need a suitable economic and legal framework that enables them to continue developing as sustainably as possible under the changing environmental conditions.

  • As the leading lobby group for the special interest of reliable, affordable and emissions-free transportation fuels and energy supplies, we make our voice heard in politics as well as the media and we campaign for fair competition.
  • We formulate the justifiable interests of the branch in order to secure the business environment needed by our industry.
  • In regular contact with political decision-makers, by targeted lobbying activities we ensure that our positions and arguments are considered during the development of legislation.
  • We expound to the public the advantages of using hydrogen and fuel cells, and their relevance to the system in a sustainable energy economy, by targeted activities in the media and at national and international events.

Strong support for the energy transformation

Due to climate change, increasing competition for minerals and political upheavals in countries that supply them, the challenges for a secure and economic provision of energy for the mobility, stationary power and heating sectors will continually mount for the economies in Germany and Europe. The energy transformation will thus become a key factor in safeguarding our economic strength.
Our duties therefore include contributing towards a successful energy transformation in the interests of the German economy. Together we analyse the current situation and formulate proposals to further develop the legislative framework for an integrated energy concept.

As an advocate group since 1996, the German Hydrogen and Fuel-Cell Association (DWV) has focused on the call for a rapid market introduction of hydrogen as an energy carrier and of fuel-cell technology. The aim is to prompt an objective debate on all aspects of hydrogen, its production and energy use — in particular an energy switch to fuel cells — the technology and prospects for a future supply infrastructure, as well as help in shaping the development of the market.

Strong support for our members

We provide an extensive network for the exchange of information and ideas. Providing a common link for all our members – from the smallest owner-managed enterprise to the largest stock-market listed multinational. We offer the best preconditions for our members to establish and maintain contacts – for example at our general meetings and numerous parliamentary events. Over 20 volunteer experts from our member companies contribute their technical knowledge to the work of our committee. Not only does the industry profit from this. Above all our members obtain an advantage, because they receive vital industry information first hand.
In addition to regular industry information in our comprehensive DWV updates, members also have access to the results of the association’s work in an exclusive password-protected section of the DWV website. Through our Expert Commission ‘performing energy’ we offer our member companies the possibility to participate actively in shaping the underlying legislative environment. We also offer special expert knowledge to member companies for example in the fields of

Vocational training
Business economics
Energy economics
European politics (FQD, RED)
Statistics & market research

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