Expert Commission performing energy

No energy transformation without Green Hydrogen

The primary concern of the DWV Expert Commission “performing energy” is advancing the development of Power-to-Fuel technology. Its aim is to help shape the political framework on national and European levels for the prompt introduction of “green hydrogen” and so pave the way for fuels with minimal greenhouse gas emissions. In so doing the Expert Commission is laying the foundations for an integrated and efficient transformation of transportation fuel.

We originally formed “performing energy – the alliance for wind hydrogen” in 2011 to represent leading manufacturers, research institutes and organisations for investment in the environment and technology sector. The alliance was amalgamated in 2015 into the German Hydrogen and Fuel-Cell Association (DWV) as an Expert Commission. The performing energy initiative is supported by the federal states of Brandenburg, Schleswig-Holstein and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

The members of performing energy work to expound the economic benefits of an integration of renewable energies using wind hydrogen systems. The main concern is the strategic integration of renewable energy into the three energy sectors of electrical power, heating and mobility.

Energy is not only electricity but also transportation and heat. 

A cost-neutral market incentive programme for fuels derived from electrical power is needed to integrate the transport sector into the government’s energy strategy and to optimise renewable energy for the supply of electricity.

Green Hydrogen generated from wind- or solar power has a key role within this  integrated energy concept This renewable hydrogen offers not only an essential possibility of energy storage but it is crucial for a sustainable mobility- and fuel strategy.

Green Hydrogen paves the way to emissions-free mobility.

Green Hydrogen in action