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  • The multiple counting of Biofuels (produced from biomass) regarding its energy content will lead into a „climate-dead end“ BECAUSE: Due to its application in combustion engines with a comparatively low efficiency and therefore without cost-cutting capabilities, the reliance of Biofuels on a multiple counting of its energy content will be everlasting.Fuel-Cell Electronic Vehicles (FCEVs) operated with RE-hydrogen have a high level energy efficiency and therefore won´t rely on a multiple counting permanently.
  • Compared to biofuels produced from biomass (corn, yield, sugar cane, rapeseed), hydrogen generated by electrolyses from renewable energy sources (RE-Hydrogen) is not only CO2-neutral but CO2-free. It´s production has no inpact on land usage or food prices.
  • By using green hydrogen in the refining process of conventional fuels, the production of biofuels can be reduced. By this means the saved biomass can rather be used for power generation or foods.