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Fuels from electricity –

the bridge to emissions-free mobility

The Expert Commission “performing energy” involves itself in energy policy legislation and lobbies for an integrated energy transformation that brings together the three energy sectors of electricity, heating, mobility in an economically efficient and environmentally sustainable way.

Our core political demands

A cost-neutral market incentive programme for fuels derived from electrical power is needed to integrate the transport sector into the government’s energy strategy and to optimise renewable energy for the supply of electricity.

For this reason, it is mandatory to implement EU Directives for an effective market launch of green hydrogen and recognition of the CO2 reductions it achieves as a substitute for natural gas.

There must be a definition of the standard emission values for the use of green hydrogen in the refinery process for application in combustion engines.

According to the Renewable Energy Act (§ 64 EEG, Appendix 4, No. 78, List 1), Power-to-Hydrogen plants are classified as “power-intensive enterprises”. This recognition has to guarantee investment security several years prior to initial operation of the plants.