Managing Board

Werner Diwald


Werner Diwald



Johannes Töpler


Dr. Johannes Töpler

(deputy chairman)





Prof. Dr. Birgit Scheppat

(deputy chairman)



Ulrich Schmidtchen


Dr. Ulrich Schmidtchen






Eberhard Behrend






Prof. Jochen Lehmann





André Martin





Dr. Manuel C. Schaloske





Dr. Oliver Weinmann





Reinhold Wurster




Alfred Klees




The current members of the board are on duty in Adminstration until the next elections during the general meeting in 2020. Honorary Chaiman is Dr. Rolf Ewald (Bruchköbel)

Managing Board

The biographies of the DWV’s ten board members, elected by the members every two years, provide extensive background and expertise in hydrogen and renewable energy, so that the DWV’s main objective can be pursued vigorously and unceasingly: An affordable, generational and economic energy turnaround.

The different perspectives of the board members, which are derived from the professional careers, are the germ cell and the guarantor of a further basic assumption of the DWV: An efficient as well as functional sector coupling will succeed only with hydrogen as energy carrier and with the fuel cell as energy converter.


The Representatives of the Federal States

The country representatives – as well as the representatives for Austria and Europe – support the board of directors in their respective countries or regions. They communicate with the relevant regional actors and are the extended arm of the local executive committee. The country representatives are experts and multipliers of the DWV at the same time – another guarantor that the concerns of the DWV are heard and realized: an efficient sector coupling and an affordable, generation-friendly and economic boosting energy transition.

Like the members of the board and the DWV team, the country representatives also impress with their high level of expertise in the areas of hydrogen, fuel cells and renewable energies.


Baden-Württemberg: Dr. Johannes Töpler, Dr. Manuel  C. Schaloske

Bayern: Reinhold Wurster

Berlin/Brandenburg: Dr. Ulrich Schmidtchen, Eberhard Behrend

Bremen: Prof. Dr. Jobst Hapke

Hamburg: Heinrich Klingenberg, Dr. Oliver Weinmann

Hessen: Ralf Zuber, Prof. Dr. Birgit Scheppat

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Prof. Dr. Thomas Luschtinetz, Prof. Dr. Jochen Lehmann

Niedersachsen: Dr. Alexander Dyck

Nordrhein-Westfalen: Thomas Badenhop, Stefan Garche

Rheinland-Pfalz: Hans Joachim Thon

Saarland: Dr. Helmut K. Wiedemann

Sachsen: Dr. Lars Röntzsch

Sachsen-Anhalt: Christian-Andreas Machens

Schleswig-Holstein: Åke Johnsen

Thüringen: Prof. Dr. Berthold Bley

Austria: Dr. Guido Bartlok

Europe: Dr. Gerd Harms